Sue Hawes

Sue is a mother of 3 grown up children, one of whom has complex health care needs. Sue is also a Registered Nurse and currently works in consulting. Sue has worked in the health and welfare sector for more than 30 years. She is a leader of change and has extensive experience in delivering results that focus on patient experiences and the patient journey. She holds two honorary academic appointments with the University of Sydney; one in the Faculty of Medicine and the other in Nursing, in recognition of her contribution as a health care leader and for her commitment to the development of others. A particular passion of Sue’s is the perspective of the patient, teaching others the necessary skills to support meaningful and proactive interactions with patients, their families and carers to better understand their perspectives while accessing health care services.
Sue has had a long relationship with AWCH, having held the NSW Treasurer position for many years and also participated as a board member when AWCH became a national entity. Sue often represents AWCH and the consumer perspective on various groups. The most recent being a 6 year term on the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) Paediatric Policy and Advocacy Committee. Here she led the development of a parent brochure on "Male Circumcision" and "Physical Punishment." Sue has been a valued member of AWCH for over 20 years.

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