Please Don't Leave Me

effects of hospitalisation on children, children in hospitalBelinda, Mark and Andrew are aged from 18 months to five years old. This is an age when most doctors hesitate to hospitalise children; but these children need surgery at this age.

Although Belinda and Andrew are lucky enough to have the love and support of their mothers with them in hospital, all three children suffer insome way from the experience.

And for Mark this anxiety is all the greater because his mother can't be with him all the time. He doesn't know when she is coming back. He doesn't know why he is in hospital or what will happen next. His time in hospital becomes a constant nightmare.

'Please Don't Leave Me' was filmed in two Sydney hospitals; but the story is true of any children's ward, anywhere in the world.

This actuality story, devoid of actors and narration, leaves the audience to assess the truth of what the children are told by parents and hospital staff.

'Please Don't Leave Me' shows the reality of a child's hospital experience. The result is important and, at times, uncomfortable.