Parents and Carers

Our page for parents and carers contains links to a range of websites and documents that might be useful as a resource and guide regarding children and young people's health.

AWCH Fact Sheets

A Parent's Guide to Hospitalisation

About Children in Hospital - Questions to Ask

How can you prepare your child for a hospital visit?

Medical Play

What are the effects of hospitalisation on a child?

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Other Resources for Parents & Carers

CT Scans for Children – Information for Parents and Carers
Informed by their work on health literacy, the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care has partnered with the Association for the Wellbeing of
Children in Healthcare and NPS MedicineWise to develop a brochure that answers questions you may have if your child needs a CT scan.

ct scan

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Preparing your child for hospital stay
Simple ways you can help your child prepare for coming to hospital.

NSW Paediatric Rheumatology Model of Care
The ACI Musculoskeletal Network has developed this model of care to support access to appropriate and effective care of children, and their families, who live with a
variety of rheumatic conditions.

Virtual tour of the Sydney Children's Hospital Network - Sydney Children's Hospital at Randwick and the Children's Hospital at Westmead
Sydney Children's Hospital Network designed this virtual tour, describing admission to hospital in a manner that is informative, comforting and child friendly.

Going to hospital
By Professor Frank Oberklaid and Dr Leah Kaminsky, excerpt from 'Your Child's Health'

Comfort Kids
A list of resources available for children aged 8-11 years of age designed for coping and preparation for medical procedures. Hard copies available for loan from AWCH Library.

Getting a blood test
Getting blood drawn for lab work can be a little scary for children. Show your child what to expect before your trip to the doctor's office or hospital.

Going to hospital for medical imaging - have fun with Okee in medical imaging
Okee in medical imaging is a multi-award winning mobile and tablet App. Children and families are prepared for medical imaging scans in a fun and engaging way. 
The application explores CT, MRI, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, X-ray and fluoroscopy in detail. 

Getting an EEG test
The process of attaching electrodes on the head for an EEG test can be scary for children. Show your child what to expect before your trip to the EEG clinic or hospital.

Pain, Pain Go Away: Helping children with pain
A booklet to help parents understand pain. Hard copy available for loan from the AWCH Library

Child Life Council - resources for parents and caregivers
Provides resources available to help parents and caregivers prepare for hospital visits.

Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors
'The Journey Back' - resources to assist school re-entry after burn injury. Returning to school and being with peers is a very important step in a young burn survivor’s recovery.
'The Journey Back' is a resource that will help you support your family, your students or someone you know who is working towards the ever important recovery step of returning to school.

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Resources and materials for children with blood cancers including a booklet called 'Learning and Living with Cancer', a guide for a child's return to school after a cancer diagnosis.

The Leukemia Foundation
Free emotional and practical support.

Kids Guide to Cancer - Camp quality
A free app for kids and adults, with info about cancer, hospitals, medicines and more.

The Family-Centered Care Self-Assessment Tool – Family Tool

Families, both individually and within family support and advocacy organizations, can use this tool to increase awareness and knowledge of the specifics of family-centered
care to more effectively: Assess the quality of the care that they and their children receive; Share knowledge about family-centered care with other families, with providers,
with health plans and with policy makers to
create a shared vision for improving the health care system; Advocate for changes within health care settings, health plans and
public agencies to more effectively support families
and their children in the process of receiving care.

Toolbox for Creating Sustainable Partnerships with Patients and Families in Research
From the Institute for Patient- and Family-Centered Care (IPFCC), patient and family advisors working as partners in research.

How to get kids to take . . . Pills!
The topic of kids and pills comes up frequently in the online discussion groups. There seem to be as many ways to get kids to take pills as there are kids!
Here are a few suggestions from seasoned parents, parents of kids with cancer.

Life Journey Through Autism: A Parent’s Guide to Research
Life Journey Through Autism: A Parent’s Guide to Research has been written to serve as a resource for parents of children recently diagnosed with autism.




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