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July 2006 Issue #20

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AWCH is happy to announce that it has become a National Child Protection Week partner.

To find out more about National Child Protection Week and activities happening in your state, visit the NAPCAN website at www.napcan.org.au

National Child Protection Week

3 - 9 September 2006

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At your hospital, in the last 12 months, have any adults been hospitalised in the same ward as children?

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The Australian Association for the Welfare of Child Health (AWCH) is a national, non-profit organisation of parents, professionals and community members who work together to ensure the emotional and social needs of children, adolescents and their families are recognised and met within hospitals and the health care system in Australia.
Media Releases

News/Media Releases from NSW Health

1/06/2006 - A new direction for Mental Health

24/05/2006 - Soft Drinks to be Banned from Schools as Child Obesity Rises

12/05/2006 - Measles update

11/05/2006 - NSW people have their say in the future of NSW health care

07/05/2006 - Severe food allergy on the increase

26/04/2006 - NSW Health policy promotes breastfeeding

15/03/2006 - New guidelines - Caring for mothers and babies with addiction

Women and children to benefit from health service realignment

Women’s and children’s health services in Western Australia will receive a major boost under a new plan to realign King Edward Memorial Hospital and Princess Margaret Hospital.

2006 Nurses and Midwives Awards

ACT Minister for Health Ms. Katy Gallagher MLA has extended her warm congratulations to the winners of the 2006 ACT Nurses and Midwives Awards.

Smoke Alarms - New Regulation

This Regulation has been developed to improve community safety by making it compulsory for smoke alarms to be fitted in all new and existing homes and other buildings including health care facilities where people sleep. Smoke alarms are an effective early-warning device to alert people to the presence of fire so they have more time to escape.

Teddy bears to teach Queensland children healthy habits

Health Minister Stephen Robertson is urging Queensland school students and their families to live healthy and active lives to lower the risks of type 2 diabetes.

Review of Maori Child Oral Health Services

Unacceptable inequalities exist in the oral health of New Zealand children, especially among Ma-ori, Pacific and those children from low socioeconomic status (SES) families.

Food Allergies - The View From Both Sides: Doctor and Parent

The term ‘food allergy’ may sound tame and manageable, but food allergies in an extreme form – such as anaphylaxis – are a life and death matter.

Position Statement on Child Abuse and Neglect

Every year, the rate of substantiated child abuse cases in all Australian States and Territories is rising. The burden, in terms of human and financial costs cannot be overestimated.

Youth Mental Health Foundation

Young Australians are particularly vulnerable when it comes to mental illness. One in four young Australians suffer from a mental illness in any one year and three-quarters of all mental health problems begin before the age of 25.

Awards and Funding - Australian Safer Communities Awards

The Australian Safer Communities Awards are organised by Emergency Management Australia (EMA). They recognise best practice and innovation by organisations and individuals that helps to build safer communities across Australia.

E-counselling Trial to Support Learners With Disabilities

E-counselling and e-support services are two of seven national vocational and technical education (VTE) projects being funded to assess the impact and benefits of technology for learners with disabilities.

Supporting the mental health of primary school children - Australian primary schools are being invited to join KidsMatter, an initiative to promote children's mental health and wellbeing.

Immunisation reminder for whooping cough - The Department of Health and Community Services is urging parents in the Barkly Region to ensure their children are up to date with their immunisations following a case of whooping cough (pertussis) reported in an infant child from Tennant Creek.

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