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July 2006 Issue #20

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AWCH is happy to announce that it has become a National Child Protection Week partner.

To find out more about National Child Protection Week and activities happening in your state, visit the NAPCAN website at www.napcan.org.au

National Child Protection Week

3 - 9 September 2006

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The Australian Association for the Welfare of Child Health (AWCH) is a national, non-profit organisation of parents, professionals and community members who work together to ensure the emotional and social needs of children, adolescents and their families are recognised and met within hospitals and the health care system in Australia.
National Child Protection Week:

Building a Child Friendly Australia

In the lead up to National Child Protection Week, Sept 3rd -9th 2006, NAPCAN Foundation is calling on parents, carers, professional organisations, and the wider Australian community to really get involved and help prevent child abuse before it starts, by creating child friendly communities.

This key event in the national calendar encourages all Australians to participate in a range of activities, in order to promote the wellbeing and safety of all children. By raising public awareness about the problem of child abuse and neglect, the week inspires all members of the community to take action to prevent it, by helping to make their local community child friendly.

A child friendly community is one where children are valued, supported and respected. It may be a local street, a sporting club, a domestic environment a public park. By giving children opportunities to reach their potential and be actively involved in decisions that affect their lives, a child-friendly community significantly reduces risk factors leading to abuse and neglect, and so promotes their wellbeing and resilience.

Child abuse and neglect is a wide spread problem in Australia with 40,416 substantiations of abuse and/or neglect that is 1 child substantiated every 11 minutes . Yet, a national study by the Australian Childhood Foundation: Out of Sight - Out of Mind has found that Australians are more concerned with rising petrol prices and public transport than the issue of child abuse and neglect. For this reason NAPCAN encourages Australians to take part in National Child Protection Week and collectively work together everyday to create a safer environment for children.

In 2005 approximately 250,000 Australians directly participated in at least one of the registered 2,500 community activities - a two-fold increase on 2004. Activities during the week included community breakfasts, information forums, fundraising events, community building workshops, and simple family fun days.

This year NAPCAN is shifting focus to the children themselves by encouraging adults to give them the chance to freely express themselves, and play a part in making their local communities child friendly. We believe that children really do have a good understanding and knowledge of what is meant by 'child friendly' and that child friendly communities can best be created by listening to, and acting upon, children's ideas.

As momentum grows towards National Child Protection Week, we have launched the Capture a Child Friendly Moment Campaign. Encouraging people to send us photographs and stories of child friendly moments, we are sharing them with the wider community on our website, and together are building a picture of how a child friendly Australia can look. Capturing and sharing child-friendly moments also act as a reminder as to how simple child-friendly communities are to create.

With your help NAPCAN Foundation will continue to inspire all Australians to get involved in NCPW and take up the 'child friendly challenge' by putting kids first and building a child friendly Australia.

To register an event for NCPW after June 30th or to find more information visit www.napcan.org.au or call 9211 0224.



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