Hospital Family Advisory Councils


In 2008 hospital family advisory councils from around Australia had an opportunity to present their work at the AWCH/CHA conference held in Sydney. The conference provided a venue to present and share information which demonstrated the importance of the work that family advisory councils do and the potential for further collaboration. Since the conference, the two Sydney based councils have continued to meet twice a year to promote a collaborative approach to enhancing child and family friendly healthcare. To further enhance this collaboration AWCH has initiated the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network Family Advisory Council web page.


  • To promote awareness of the work of the family advisory councils
  • To raise the importance of the needs of children, young people and their families in hospitals
  • To provide a forum for sharing resources and information and to discuss issues of common concern
  • To enhance collaboration and the understanding and practice of child and family friendly healthcare

Hospital Family Advisory Councils Links

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Sydney Children's Hospital Randwick The Children's Hospital Westmead

Creating a Patient and Family Advisory Council:
A Toolkit for Pediatric Practices

This toolkit is a product of the Family-to-Family Health Information Center at the Federation for Children with Special Needs, Mass Family Voices and NICHQ. Designed to help pediatric practices build a system for creating a Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC). The kit provides step-by-step guidance on how to effectively engage family perspectives in the design of services and to improve overall quality in the delivery of those services.