Here We Go 'round The Mulberry Bush

Here We Go Round The Mulburry Bush Type 1 Diabetes

The incidence of type 1 diabetes in children is increasing throughout Australia and young children appear to be one of the high-risks groups for diabetes with the overall paediatric spectrum. Toddlers with diabetes can be particularly difficult to care for due to their varying dietary patterns and activities. In addition to this, the negative consequences of swings in blood glucose levels are also greater for toddlers than for older age groups.

These factors put enormous pressures on parents of diabetic toddlers and as a consequence they frequently experience feelings of frustration, isolation, guilt and fear that are not full addressed by "expert" advice or education. These feelings need to be acknowledged and addressed when caring for such families.

The DVD, Here We Go 'round the Mulberry Bush provides valuable insights from families who have lived through the experience along with practical guidance from a range of health professionals and a representative from the childcare industry.

The DVD focuses less on the physiological aspects of the condition and more on the issues of coping day to day with a toddler with diabetes. It is recommended viewing for parents, families and friends of young children who have been recently diagnosed.