AWCH organises conferences that are valuable to anyone who has an interest in child and adolescent healthcare. Our conferences attract both national and international keynote speakers and presenters who together with clinicians and consumers, educators and researchers, managers and team leaders, discuss and provide valuable insight and awareness of the needs of children and families in the Australian health care system.

2008 -
Children's Health Conference
Health Care for Kids ~ The People, The Map & The Measure

2005 -
Healthy Solutions for Children: Making the Right Choice

2002 -
Healthy Justice for Children and Young People
Addressing the Impact of the Justice System on the Health of Children, Young People and their Families

2001 -
Children on the Margin
Addressing the Health Care Needs of Marginalised Children and Young People

1999 -
Through The Looking Glass
Lessons from the Past for the Future of Children's Health Care

1998 -
Ourselves in Their Shoes

1997 -
Getting Better Together

1996 -
Who Cares?

1995 -
Making a Difference

Facing the Challenge

1993 -
Embracing the Future