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AWCH Library blogs about families and healthcare professionals and social/emotional needs in healthcare -  last updated May 2017

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Needles and Needle-Related Medical Procedures  

- last updated June 2017

Participation of children and young people in health services

Book Reviews 

AWCH books for health promotion awareness also in response to what families and healthcare professionals are asking us about -  last updated May 2017

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Resources added to AWCH catalogue -  last updated May 2017

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 Brochures for conferences, preschool storytime and more  last updated May 2017

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Do you want to recommend a book, app, journal article? AWCH  promotes  the social and emotional wellbeing of children and young people in healthcare and raising awareness through sharing useful resources is one way we can all do this. Please send feedback to Jillian.

- Parents, what  books/apps/websites have helped you or your children prepare and cope with healthcare?

- Children and young people, we'd love to hear about  resources, including online, that are important to you.

- Healthcare professionals please refer to the Updates - Resource index below. AWCH would love to hear from you, please share research articles, reports, policies, websites etc. promoting the wellbeing of children and young people in healthcare. Examples could be procedural support, play in healthcare, CYP participation and shared-decision making in healthcare, patient and family centered care and child-friendly healthcare initiatives. Please let us know what you think is upworthy.

About the Library

The AWCH Library was established in 1975, and contains information for parents and families as well as academic and research literature from national

and international resources. The library is a unique service and is especially useful to those unable to access local or medical libraries.

AWCH Library's unique printed and audio-visual collection covers:

  • child and adolescent development
  • child health nursing
  • play in hospital
  • pain management
  • non medical aspects of child and adolescent health care
  • children and young people with special needs.

The service is free to AWCH Members. Non-members are required to pay printing costs as well as postage and handling fee for library resources photocopied or borrowed.

For further assistance or enquiries please send an email to

Jillian Rattray, AWCH Librarian at

Library Hours:
Wednesday 8:30am to 5:00pm
Phone: 02 9817 2439

Outside Library hours please contact:
Phone: 02 9817 2439
Fax: 02 9879 4346


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