Audio Visual Catalogue

To enquire about borrowing one of the titles below or other available titles from the library please contact AWCH National Office by phone on 02 9817 2439 or by email at

DVD list

Therapeutic Activities for Children and Teens Coping with Health Issues (Book with CD-ROM)

Please Don't Leave Me

Cancer as told by Three Children

Burns as told by Three Children

Care - I care for a burns survivor

Going to Hospital - What will it be like?

Ditto's Keep Safe Adventure (presented by Bravehearts Inc)

Here We Go 'round the Mulberry Bush - Positive Parenting of Toddlers with Diabetes

Keep your life ONLINE (Teenagers & Young Adults living positively with Diabetes)

My trip to hospital

Out of the Shadows - Understanding the Experience of Siblings following their Brother or Sister's Acquired Brain Injury

Play Now/Act Now (Young People + Alcohol)

Raising children (A guide to parenting from birth to 5)

Every child is important (cd talking book)

Lets Play Hospitals (presented by AWCH WA Inc.)

A Two Year Old Goes to Hospital

John, 17 months (9 days in a residential nursery)

Video List

Asthma In Childhood (Speaking From Experience)

A Wiggle Tale 'Dorothy the Dinosaur goes to Hospital'

How We Do It

Living with Depression (Speaking From Experience)

Parental Involvement In Their Child's Anaesthetic

Stranger in the Family: Living with an Autistic Child

Where Have We Been? Where Are We Going? (Care of Children in Hospital)

Partners In Play

Conditions Of Borrowing:

  • Audio-Visual material is lent free of charge to AWCH members, non-members are charged transport/postage expenses for delivery of materials borrowed.
  • Borrowers are responsible for payment of postage or transport fees when borrowing and returning items to the library.
  • Audio-Visual material borrowed from AWCH library must not be lent to other persons or organisations.
  • Borrowers must not copy or duplicate borrowed material (sound or vision) convert to another format (video tape, audio-casette, film, etc.) or onto any form of reproduction system.
  • Borrowers damaging or losing audio-visual material are liable for costs of repair/replacement.
  • Audio-Visual material must be returned on time, on or before the due date.

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