AWCH Book Reviews


April 2017

Grief in children: a handbook for adults

March 2017

My friend has Down's Syndrome

November 2016

The internet is like a puddle

February 2016

Our stripy baby

October 2015

Parenting children with health issues and special needs: essentials for raising happy, healthier kids

Jessica's box

July 2015

An EA/TEF Story Inside and Out

Adventures of the little black trackas

Indigo solves the pzulze

May 2015

My Trip to Hospital - DVD

March 2015

8 Topics Young People with Epilepsy Want You to Know About

February 2015

Calico Dolls: a process of play

November 2014

Family Focus - talking together about parental depression & anxiety (COPMI & Beyond Blue DVD)

October 2014

The Young Mind

July 2014

Jessica's X-ray

The Together Stories Series

June 2014

Maisy Goes to Hospital

Talk less listen more: solutions for children’s difficult behaviour

February 2014

  AWCH Librarian talks about resources available to parents, carers, children and health professionals.

The Australian Experience of Living with a Rare Disease: personal stories

 December 2013

No Matter What

November 2013

Extreme parenting: parenting your child with a chronic illness OK

July 2013

Help! My Child's in Hospital

June 2013

Please Don't Leave Me

April 2013

My friend with Autism

Prescription for success: supporting children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in the Medical Environment

March 2013

Therapeutic activities for children and teens coping with health issues

February 2013

Extraordinary parenting: protecting self-esteem and minimising depressive outcomes in pre-adolescent children who have significant medical or physical conditions


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