Children's Health Conference

Health Care for Kids ~ The People, The Map & The Measure

Co-convened by Children’s Hospitals Australasia (CHA) and the Association for the Wellbeing of Children in Healthcare (AWCH). The conference focused on three major themes: The People, The Map and The Measure.

The two organisations joined forces to highlight the importance of advocating strongly for the healthcare needs of children and young people in Australasia.

The themes chosen enabled a detailed exploration of:
'The people' - in particular the shared concerns amongst health professionals and the families struggling with serious health issues;
'The map' - contemporary trends and developments in healthcare practice, policy and environments; and
'The measure' - how we can best monitor, evaluate and improve the safety and quality of health care delivered to children and young people.


The 2008 Conference Proceedings is made available from this webpage in PDF form in sectional form. Use the links below to access each relevant part of the conference.

Conference Program (1.14MB)

Conference Abstracts (1686KB)

Session 1

Finding a Voice: The Birth of a Family Advisory Council at The Royal Children’s Hospital
Ms Julie Hall and Susan Biggar, The Royal Children’s Hospital VIC (666KB)

A Day In The Life Of A Family Advisory Council
Lizzy Harnett, The Children's Hospital at Westmead, NSW (WMV file 95.9 MB)

Session 2

Refugee children and their medical needs– an Illawarra experience
Dr Alaric Koh, Sydney Children’s Hospital, Community Child Health NSW (431KB)

A Cross Cultural Consultant Paediatric Mental Health Service
Dr David Dossetor, The Children’s Hospital at Westmead NSW (225KB)

Cultural diversity at work: staff negotiating difference at two children’s hospitals in Sydney
Professor Les White, Sydney Children’s Hospital, Dr Bruce Lord and Clinical Professor David Bennett, The Children’s Hospital at Westmead NSW (433KB)

Session 4

Mapping the future of child health and wellbeing: a spatial approach
Hamish Robertson, Health GISciences P/L NSW (1.37MB)

Web-based medical records. Are we ready?
Dr Kimberly Johansen, Dr S. Khurana Department Paediatric Surgery, Women’s and Children’s Hospital SA and P.Gera, J. Logan, J. Orford, Princess Margaret Hospital WA and D. Preen, University of Western Australia Dept. of Population and Health Studies WA (118KB)

Session 5

Keeping the blood flowing
Helen Knight, Gabrielle Scarfe, Kate Dengler, The Children’s Hospital at Westmead NSW (1.22MB)

Session 6

Parents at the Bedside: Expert Partners in Care
Jan Hatch and parents, Association for the Wellbeing of Children in Healthcare (AWCH) NSW (851KB)

Session 7

Exploring general practice as a new partner in improving the health and well-being of children and young people entering out- of- home care in Victoria.
Susan Webster, General Practice Victoria and University of Melbourne VIC

Developing a Model of Integrated Child Development Assessment
Miriam Johnston, Sydney South West Area Health Service (funded by Western Child Health Network) NSW (2.98MB)

The burden of rare childhood diseases: How is Australia responding?
Dr Yvonne Zurynski, Australian Paediatric Surveillance Unit, The Children’s Hospital at Westmead NSW (567KB)

Session 9

Exploring Perceptions of a Youth Early Psychosis Program
Dr Wendy Cross, Monash University VIC (55.6KB)

KIDZ Club. An early Intervention and Educational Group for Primary Children living with a relative with a Mental Illness
Ms Maggie Wilson, Mater Children’s Hospital Kids In Mind QLD (446KB)

Session 10

Establishing a state-wide Paediatric Palliative Care program in WA
Stephanie Dowden, Princess Margaret Hospital for Children WA (407 KB)

Bedside handover – implementing and evaluating change
Theresa Clemens, Mei Ling Yeh, Dr Sharon De Graves, Shirley Burke, The Royal Children’s Hospital VIC (251KB)

Accidental Discovery: Different people, different maps but the same measure!
Susan Dyer, Department of Nursing/Midwifery Research & Practice Development; Department of Clinical Haematology/Oncology, Women’s & Children’s Hospital SA (1.20MB)

The ABCD of discharge planning
Karen Egan, The Royal Children’s Hospital VIC (279KB)

Young People's Panel

Stuck in the middle of nowhere
Renee Marshall (21KB)

Session 15

Creativity - An Aspect of Health
Helen Zigmond, Creative Well and Clacia NSW (1.25 MB)