Healthy Solutions for Children:
Making the Right Choice

Have we got the right balance for healthy solutions for children?

Schools & health - are we working together?

Session 13: Schools & health - collaboration

Promoting a healthy environment for Talking Together:
Partnerships in Language & Learning
Suzanne Smith, Dept of Education & Training and Kate Short, Senior Paediatric Speech Pathologist, Liverpool Health Service NSW (55.2 KB)

One Model of collaborative care for students with medical conditions.
Vicki Sykes, Mater Hospital QLD (66.0 KB)

Meeting the specialised health needs of students enrolled in Queensland State Schools -
a pilot project.
Powerpoint (66.4 KB) or PDF (74.2 KB)
Karen Glew & Nicole McClure, Education QLD

Session 14: Schools and mental health

Mental health in the adolescent male secondary school student.
Brian Sengstock, Doctoral Student, School of Nursing & Health Studies, Central Queensland University (23.8 KB)

Neurofeedback Training & Child Refugee Trauma Interventions in a Primary School Setting - pilot study.
Kerry Kenny & Mirjana Askovic, Counsellor/Project Officer STARTTS NSW (119 KB)

Exploring the strengths of boys & young men - a new approach to an old problem.
Victoria Clay, Family Action Centre University of Newcastle NSW (43.4 KB)

Session 15: Schools and health - building healthy communities

Synchronised winning: building the links between health & education - the South East Health experience.
Phyllis Moran & Polly Price, Sydney Children's Hospital Randwick NSW (45.7 KB)

The Australian Early Development Index (AEDI).
Dr Sharon Goldfeld, AEDI Partnership Group, Co-authored by Mary Sayers,
Centre for Community Child Health Royal Children's Hospital VIC

MindMatters Plus: A national initiative to enhance the capacity of secondary schools to support students with needs in the area of mental health & well-being.
Sarah Janet Anderson, Australian Guidance & Counselling Association and Brenda Hosking-Brown, Jo Mason, Tracey Zilm, Australian Principals Associations Professional Development Council SA (569 KB)

Session 17: Schools and health - collaboration for child protection

Promoting a healthy environment for children: a collaborative effort between
Health & Education
Elsa Reid & Patrick Smith, Hawkesbury District Health NSW (1.52 MB)

Making the 'Right' Choices about Child Protection Programs & Services.
Nick Richardson, National Child Protection Clearinghouse & Australian Institute Family Studies VIC (40.6 KB)

Session 18: Schools and health: partnerships in preschool health

Motor Magic- Health & Education working together to support the health & wellbeing of preschool children.
Naomi Priest, Flinders University Noarlunga Health Services SA

Schools & Health - don't forget the preschool years: A case study of health promotion in child care centres in NSW.
A/Prof Jacqueline Hayden & Dr Katey DeGioia,
University of Western Sydney NSW (324 KB)

Session 19: Schools as communities for health

Schools as Communites - Our children, a shared responsibility. (3.38 MB)
Natalie (audio/video file - 3.32 MB) & Tim and Trent (audio/video file - 2.21 MB)
Gail Everard, Office for Children Youth & Family Support ACT

The chess (child health and education support services): a strategic partnership for health care & education.
Debra Kay, Department of Education & Children's Services (DECS) SA