Healthy Solutions for Children:
Making the Right Choice

Have we got the right balance for healthy solutions for children?

Parenting for child & adolescent health in a changing society -
who is supporting the parents?

Session 2: Parenting for child & adolescent health - young people as carers

Parent Link: supporting families affected by mental illness.
Melanie Boursnell, Children & Young People's Mental Health Team NSW

Planning, implementing & evaluating programs for kids who have a parent with MS.
Powerpoint (1.58 MB) or PDF (988 KB)
Christine Leech, Multiple Sclerosis Society QLD

Mind the gap - supporting children in families where a parent is affected by a dual diagnosis - mental illness & substance misuse.
Michelle Hegarty & Sue Buchanan, NSW

Session 3: Parenting for child & adolescent health - when there are chronic & complex health needs

Getting it right for young people with chronic, complex health needs.
Lynne Brodie, Greater Metropolitan Clinical Taskforce NSW Health (375KB)

Parents of children with chronic conditions: The urgency of psychological firs aid.
Elizabeth Bruce, Director, Emotional Health Centre VIC (584 KB)

The evaluation of a family-based program to support parents & siblings of children with a disability or chronic illness.
Powerpoint (198 KB) or PDF (129 KB)
Rebecca Giallo & Dr Susana Gavidia- Payne, RMIT VIC

Session 4: Parenting for child & adolescent health - Workshop

The Resilience Identification Resources Project: a strengths approach to protective & risk factors. Resources in school, community & health settings.
Victoria Clay, Family Action Centre University of Newcastle NSW (50.6 KB)

Session 5: Parenting for child & adolescent health - child protection

Ignorance is not innocence -
protective effects of sexuality education for children under 5
Shona Charters, Family Planning QLD (430 KB)

Shaking your baby is just not the deal.
Sue Foley, Children's Hospital Westmead NSW,
Fran Tolliday, Westmead Hospital NSW (3.66 MB)

Drug &/or alcohol involvement in sexual assault in girls aged 11-15.
Christine Norrie, Children's Hospital Westmead & Dr Lila Stephens (172 KB)

Session 6: Parenting for child & adolescent health - when there are chronic & complex health needs

Life satisfaction for children with profound multiple disabilities: what is it?
Dr Gordon Lyons, Macquarie University NSW (56.7 KB)

Family centred care: Involving families in child health care.
Leigh Wilson & Elizabeth Harnett, Children's Hospital Westmead NSW (757 KB)

Enhancing the educational experience for students with chronic health conditions - what parents want educators to know.
Shiona Shiu, CHERI & Dept of Education NSW (50.8 KB)

Session 7: Parenting for child & adolescent health - healthcare initiatives

The Child Friendly Healthcare Initiative - Communicating with children & their families.
Michelle Driver, Sydney Children's Hospital NSW (50 KB)

Investigating the experiences of a negotiated care model in paediatric nursing.
Margaret Kelly, Susan Jones & Lyn Dean, Faculty of Nursing & Children's Hospital NSW

Session 8: Parenting for child & adolescent health - Workshop - self esteem & resilience

Simple, Practical Self Acceptance skills for strength & resilience.
Sabine Beecher, Private Practice NSW (43.1 KB)

Additional Workshop:

Dealing with child & adolescent weight issues.
Dr Jennifer O'Dea,
Senior Lecturer Faculty of Education University of Sydney NSW (8.48 MB)

Session 9: Health issues for young people

Homeless teenagers parenting children: more than just housing.
Lorraine Flannery, Melbourne Citymission VIC (616 KB)

KidsLink - Connecting young people on the telephone.
Samantha Puffett, The Spastic Centre NSW (717 KB)

Share: health, respect & life. The sexual health & relationships education project.
Jane Flentje, Health & Physical Education Teacher SA (51.1 KB)

Session 10: Parenting for child & adolescent health - hospitalisation

The impact of hospitalisation of children with special needs.
Sarah McDonald, Starship Children's Hospital NZ (125 KB)

Parents needs for discharge information.
Karen Stevenson, Children's Unit Gosford Hospital NSW

Keeping children safe in hospital.
Robin Lamb, Child Protection Unit Children's Hospital Westmead NSW

Session 11: Parenting for health - for children & young people affected by homelessness

Parenting while homeless: homeless women with accompanying children in Sydney.
Meredith Nirui, Sth Eastern Sydney Area Health Service NSW (95.7 KB)

Health & youth homelessness.
Arian Foon, Youth Action Policy Association NSW (158 KB)

The health of 'Our Homeless Children' - fifteen years on.
Australian Federation of Homelessness Organisations ACT (35.1 KB)

Session 12: Workshop - innovative resources

Seriously Optomistic Tools for Building Healthy Conversation.
Russell Deal, St Luke's Innovative Resources Bendigo VIC