Children On The Margin

Addressing the Health Care Needs of Marginalised Children and Young People

The 2001 Conference focused on the health care needs of marginalised children including indigenous children and young people; children and young people from a non-English speaking background; street kids; children and young people with a disability; children of prisoners and immigration detainees.

The papers included in this proceedings explored:

  • Marginalisation of children with disabilities in hospital;
  • Human rights of children and young people;
  • Impact of having an imprisoned parent;
  • Complaints mechanisms for children and young people;
  • Youth health services for street kids with a drug addiction;
  • Sharing of knowledge through a young people's panel;
  • Asperger's Syndrome, Diabetes, Tourette's Syndrome;
  • Health and welfare needs of children of asylum seekers;
  • Adaptive technology for young people who have disabilities;
  • Vulnerable young people from Asian backgrounds;
  • Building communities through play;
  • Young consumers as consultants to health services;
  • Children's contact services.